Industrial clothing from Messer is designed to protect you against chemical hazards, heat and fire, electric shocks, cold conditions and ionising radiation and other workplace hazards.


Messer offers a full line-up of quality jackets and vests in an array of different styles.


Messer offers a variety of practical and comfortable shirts for all occasions.


Messer offers pants of all styles and materials to keep you comfortable all day long.

Clothing Accessories

Messer offers a wide variety of clothing accessories to help keep you protected, comfortable and clean while on the job.


Coveralls from Messer provide protection from a wide range of dust, dry particles, grease, grime and other harzardous particles.

Protective Clothing

Messer offers a large variety of protective clothing items to keep you safe and visible while on the job.


Rainwear and wet weather gear from Messer helps you feel dry and comfortable even when you're working in harsh weather conditions.

Work Wear

Messer offers a variety of work wear designed with your everyday protection and comfort in mind.

Welding Wear

Welding wear and welding clothing is specially designed to protect the welder from the intense heat, sparks and spatter from welding jobs.