Safety & PPE

Messer carries a wide selection of safety products and personal protective equipment to secure you from head to toe.

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Boots & Shoes

Protective footwear from Messer can help reduce the risk of injuries to the feet from sole punctures, chemical spills and electrical hazards.

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Industrial clothing from Messer is designed to protect you against chemical hazards, heat and fire, electric shocks, cold conditions and ionising radiation and other workplace hazards.

First Aid

The multitude of first aid products carried by Messer will ensure that your workplace is well equipped to handle minor medical incidents.


Gloves from Messer's line of hand protection are available in natural and synthetic materials and conceived to protect your hands from heat, cold, flames and sparks, sharp objects, chemicals, dangerous power tools and more.

Head, Eye & Face Protection

The wide range of head, eye & face equipment from Messer ensures that your workforce has appropriate protection and includes general and prescription safety spectacles, face shields, specialist laser eyewear, hard hats, welding helmets and accessories.

Hearing Protection

Choosing the right type and amount of hearing protection is important so Messer offers just the right earplug, earmuff or band for every application from running a jackhammer to using your lawn mower.

Height Safety

Height safety equipment from Messer includes a range of harnesses, fall arrest systems and fall prevention equipment to keep you secure when working at heights.

Respiratory Protection

The selection of respiratory protection equipment from Messer includes disposable facemasks and supplied air systems to supporting cartridges, filters or accessories and more to fit all your needs.

Workplace Accessories

The range of workplace accessories from Messer will complement your core tool set to support your everyday tasks, making your job easier and more productive because sometimes the little things can make all the difference.