Messer offers a full spectrum of gases in many sizes, purities and pressures from shielding and fuel gases for welding to calibration gas mixtures and high-purity gases, and even packaged chemicals and refrigerants.

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Industrial Gases

At Messer, we continue to invest in meeting the needs of our industrial gas users. Our commitment is reflected in our wide range of industrial gas products, cylinder options and solutions across a diverse range of applications.

Hospitality Gas

Whether you are looking to carbonate drinks, package foods or inflate balloons, you want a hassle-free service that gets the rights gases in the right packages to the right place.

Electronic Gases

Messer is the first and global choice for electronic specialty gases. Our extensive process knowledge ensures that our products exceed your most stringent purity and consistency demands.

Medical Gases

Messer has been providing a comprehensive product line of medical grade gases to health care providers for nearly a century. Messer, a Health Canada registered producer, provides national and local distribution of all major USP/NF gases.

Laser Gases

Laser gases supplied by Messer have been developed with laser manufacturers to minimise laser down time and optimise performance.


Messer is a global leader in refrigerant solutions and services. Our products span both traditional fluorocarbon and natural refrigerants making us a trusted partner to a vast range of industries around the world.

Specialty Gases

Messer offers an unrivaled supply of high purity gases and mixtures to suit a wide range of applications including research, analysis, calibration, process control & manufacturing. Our speciality gases can be customized to match your unique requirements.