Gas Equipment & Accessories

Messer supplies an extensive range of gas regulators and detectors, gas hoses, fittings and spare parts, cylinder carts & stands and much more.

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Gas Regulators

Gas regulators from Messer include a broad range of single and multi-stage regulators to suit most fuel gas welding, cutting and heating processes, and compressed gas applications.

Gas Detectors

Gas detectors from Messer can help you detect combustible, flammable and toxic gas leaks, and oxygen depletion.

Specialty Gas Equipment

Messer is your solution provider – technology from around the world, service from around the corner.

Gas Cylinder Safety

Gas cylinder trolleys, carts and stands from Messer allow you to safely handle gas cylinders of all sizes.

Welding and Cutting Supplies

Welding and cutting supplies from Messer include an extensive range of accessories for gas equipment including cutting guides, flint lighters, tip cleaners and more.

Gas Hoses & Fittings

Gas hoses from Messer include a range of acetylene, oxygen, LPG gas hoses and many options for connectors, crimps, nipples, nuts and more to suit your gas applications.

Fittings, Spares and Accessories

The extensive range of fittings, spare parts and accessories from Messer include common items such as gauges, o-rings, outlet connections and more.

Flashback Arrestors

The variety of flashback arrestors from Messer are suited for your crucial for gas welding and cutting applications to minimise the risks of flames and explosions.

Manifolds, Piping & Valves

Manifolds, piping and valves from Messer are available in a large variety to suit all your welding application needs.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges from Messer are available in a multitude of choices to fit all your gas application needs.