Stick Welding (SMAW | MMA)

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (or Manual Metal Arc Welding) equipment from Messer includes an extensive range of MMA gouging torches, electrode holders, parts and accessories to suit all your Stick Welding applications and needs.

Welding Clamps

Welding clamps from Messer are magnetic and available in a range of shapes and sizes to best suit your welding needs.

MMA Electrode Holders

MMA electrode holders from Messer are available in a range of sizes and amperages to suit your MMA Welding needs.

MMA Gouging Torches

MMA gouging torches from Messer are available in a range of types to suit your MMA Welding needs.

MMA Welding Spare Parts

The range of spare and replacement parts from Messer will help to maintain your MMA Welding equipment and keep it operating when you need it.

MMA Welding Accessories

MMA Welding accessories from Messer include a range of lead sets, connectors, rod ovens, assemblies and much more.