Welding & Cutting Supplies

Messer offers welding and cutting supplies in a wide range of welding wires, torches, electrodes and accessories to suit your MIG, TIG, Stick, Plasma Welding and Cutting applications.

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Filler Metals

The variety of filler metals from Messer includes a variety of GMAW and FCAW welding wire, stick and arc gouging electrodes, welding rods and more.

Arc Welding (Flux-Cored)

The variety of arc welding accessories from Messer includes chipping hammers, welding cables, markers & soapstones and many connectores, plugs & lugs to get the job done right.

Fume Extraction Equipment

Local exhaust ventilation is absolutely required when you have dust, exhaust fumes, solvent vapors, lead fumes, and acid mist, all known as toxic or corrosive contaminants.

MIG Welding (GMAW)

Gas Metal Arc Welding equipment from Messer offers a vast selection of MIG welding guns, torches, parts and accessories to faciliate all your MIG Welding applications and needs.

Stick Welding (SMAW | MMA)

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (or Manual Metal Arc Welding) equipment from Messer includes an extensive range of MMA gouging torches, electrode holders, parts and accessories to suit all your Stick Welding applications and needs.

Plasma Cutting Equipment

Plasma cutting equipment and accessories from Messer are available in an extensive range to suit all your plasma cutting applications.

TIG Welding (GTAW)

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding equipment from Messer offers a broad range of TIG torches, parts and accessories to suit all your TIG Welding applications and needs.

Welding Chemicals & Metal Treatment

Welding chemicals and metal treatment products from Messer include a range of anti-spatter sprays, pickling gels, and flaw detection solutions.

Gas Welding

Gas Welding equipment from Messer includes a variety of gas cutting & welding kits, torches and attachements, tips and nozzles to suit almost every welding application.